What's Your Healthcare IQ?

Question 1: Which of the following best describes a co-pay?

Question 2: The coinsurance rate for your plan is 20%. Which of these options best describes what that means?

Question 3: Which of the following describes an (in-network) Out-of-Pocket Maximum?
(Assume that all the responses refer to in-network expenses.)

Question 4: Which of the following best describes a deductible?

Question 5: Your doctor orders you to get an MRI. She suggests you go to an in-network facility called “Union Square Imaging.” You check with your insurance company and learn that getting the MRI at Union Square Imaging would cost you $900 out-of-pocket. What would the out-of-pocket cost be if you went to a different in-network facility for the MRI?

Question 6: You have spent zero dollars on medical services this year. Your deductible is $1000 and your plan doesn’t have copays. You need to get a wrist x-ray. You call an in-network medical facility down the street and learn the cash price/uninsured price is $135. How much will the x-ray cost you?

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