Thanks for the Stupid Question

There is such a thing as a stupid question. And some anonymous person in a webinar hosted by the Self-Insurance Institute of America had just asked one: “What is BUCA?” Stupid questions are only stupid when reasonable expectations of the questioner are considered – it’s acceptable for a 5-year-old to ask about four plus four, […]

Real Demos

A phone call may be great. A capabilities deck may be great. Naturally, though, there’s a desire to actually see the CaredUp service in action. So that’s what consultants and brokers will often do – demo the product. A text appears on the CaredUp demo line (646.846.4872) and we respond just as we would to […]

Profiting From Health: The Self-Insurance Story

CaredUp’s Adam Schaefer writes in MedCity News about self-insurance and current industry trends. The article features commentary from: William Short – CEO of Ameriflex Mike Ferguson – CEO of the Self-Insurance Institute of America Aaron Huang – vice president of marketing for Lumity Ryan Kastner – benefits consultant for Innovative Benefit Planning Adam Russo – […]

This Happens When a Random Person Texts Us

It was 9:11 PM on Tuesday when a text came through CaredUp’s “demo” number (646.846.4872). A totally random man in Nashville had some questions about colonoscopies. As John stated a few times in this exchange, getting precise cost answers requires a relationship with an employer/insurance company, and that relationship simply isn’t going to exist with […]

Fifty Dollars is Not Always Fifty Dollars

Floating in a sea of problems is a rare answer to rising healthcare costs. Many of the things we imagine would cut costs – technology, coordinated care, wellness programs – don’t. That rare answer is high deductible health plans (HDHP), which are repeatedly shown to reduce healthcare spending. This realization would seem to be cause […]

Healthcare Prices Hidden in Plain Sight

Doing a little too much on his bicycle, Tim crashes into a brick wall. He’s not overly concerned about it, but he decides to see the doctor. The doctor suggests a CT scan for his head at a nearby facility. Tim, ever the responsible patient, checks with his insurance to verify that the facility is […]

How to Make Health Insurance More Like Car Insurance

CaredUp’s Adam Schaefer writes in MedCity News about alternative payment methods in lieu of traditional health insurance. The article features commentary from: William Short – founder of Acressa Paul Johnson – CEO of Redirect Health Bruce Roffe – CEO of H.H.C. Group Dr. Joel Shalowitz – professor at Northwestern’s Feinberg School of Medicine Sandra Hartman […]