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Example Case

A Mississippi man came to us in need of an MRI of his back (cpt code:72148).

He had already searched around and his best quote was $1500. He didn't have insurance and would be forced to pay the entire lump sum.

The national average for that procedure is $1,015.

In a few hours, CaredUp found a quality facility a few minutes down the road. MRI cost: $510.

That's a savings of $990 and a discount of 66% off his initial quote.

How it Works
  • CaredUp Save Money

    Tell Us Your Situation

    What type of MRI do you need? How much have you been quoted? Will you be using insurance? CaredUp provides personalized help for your exact situation.

  • CaredUp Simplify Engagement

    CaredUp Handles Everything

    The calls to insurance. The research about various nearby providers and facilities. The understanding of your exact costs factoring in insurance, deductibles, co-pays and in-network vs. out-of-network. The communication with your current doctor to get the results. Setting the appointment(s). The hours of work that goes into navigation to ensure a low price and high quality MRI.

  • CaredUp Increase Happines

    Guaranteed Savings

    CaredUp costs $30. You pay $1 to start and the CaredUp team gets to work. Once we find a desirable MRI for your needs, we'll send you the necessary information and charge the remaining $29. The majority of the time we find savings in excess of $500. If we don't find savings, we'll refund the $1 and never charge the remainder.

Who We Are

Since 2013 we have been helping patients better navigate the healthcare system.

We've talked with thousands of providers and spent countless hours on the phone with insurance companies.

Through these experiences we've come to understand the mistakes even the smartest people make in trying to get quality services for known, fair prices.

Let CaredUp's expertise handle this burden so you can focus on your health with peace of mind that everything else is covered.

Adam Schaefer
Adam Schaefer
John Glase
John Glase

CaredUp Saves You Time and Money