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For more than half a century healthcare has essentially been viewed as something “somebody else pays for so who cares how much it costs.”

Increasingly that is no longer the case. Insured patients are directly paying for more of their care as deductibles rise.

But sorting through huge and opaque price discrepancies to know what exactly you will be paying is far from easy.

CaredUp efficiently provides those answers in simple language so you can make smart decisions for both your health and wallet.

Key Benefits

  • CaredUp Save Money

    Save Money

    Fifty billion dollars are wasted each year because employees happen to receive treatment at overpriced facilities. CaredUp ensures that healthcare decisions are informed by true awareness of price differences so direct cost savings can be achieved.

  • CaredUp Increase Happines

    Increase Happiness

    Being healthy usually correlates positively with happiness. Having to navigate the complex and time-consuming world of healthcare does not. That’s why CaredUp does the annoying stuff for you and then explains everything in jargon-free terminology.

  • CaredUp Simplify Engagement

    Simplify Engagement

    Extended setups, phone calls, supplemental programs, obtuse websites and literature are all outside of most people’s normal day-to-day. That’s why CaredUp works within current human communication habits, text messaging, to maximize efficiency and engagement.

Team Up with CaredUp

Healthcare cost questions can take many different forms.

Ultimately, though, they all come down to determining where to go and what it will cost.

That’s exactly what CaredUp is built to answer.

  • How much will this procedure be?
  • Where can I get this procedure done cost-effectively?
  • Do I have a co-pay?
  • What is my deductible and what does that mean?
  • What is co-insurance?
  • Where are the in-network providers?
  • What does this medical bill mean?


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