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How it Works

Use CaredUp to remove all annoyance, frustration and time spent trying to navigate the healthcare system. Simply send a text message to our experienced healthcare experts with your question and we will handle it from there. The question could be about how much you will have to pay out-of-pocket or about insurance benefits or about in-network providers – ask us pretty much anything.

Who is going to answer my questions?

The CaredUp team is filled with people who are intimately familiar with all aspects of healthcare. The entire team is located in New York City. You can expect an informative and enjoyable experience.
Why does CaredUp exist?

To make your life easier. Seriously. We understand the difficulty of figuring out all the stuff related to health insurance and healthcare. Through years of work in the industry, we have the ability to break down these complexities in ways anyone can understand so that quality, cost-effective care can be received.
How quickly will I receive a response?

During normal business hours we respond immediately. You can expect a prompt response in the morning if you reach us after hours. So feel free to text us 24/7.
Can you tell me how much procedures will cost?

Yes. This is really the foundational use of CaredUp. The price for exact same procedure can vary by more than 1000% depending on the providers. This is true with or without insurance. We are able to identify your out-of-pocket costs based on provider so you can know how much care will cost in advance of treatment. Need to take deductibles, co-insurance and other factors into account? Yea, we’ve got you covered there too.
What does this cost?

CaredUp is an entirely free service now. There are plans for a paid service in the future.
Do you have financial relationships with insurance companies and/or providers?

No. We receive zero kickbacks for any answer we provide.
Can you answer very specific questions about my individual situation?

Yes. We have access to certain proprietary data that may be relevant to your situation. If necessary, we will call your insurance company or provider to get the answer.
Can you answer questions about my health?

That is the one genre of question that we don’t answer.
Why texting?

We aim to make navigating and understanding healthcare as simple as possible. Texting is unmatched in its ability to conveniently fit into our busy lives.
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