Healthcare Simplified
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Anytime you have a healthcare or insurance question, simply text CaredUp.
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Save Time and Avoid Frustration

CaredUp handles all the complexities of healthcare including things like talking with your insurance company and setting appointments.

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Save Money

CaredUp uses pricing data to identify high-quality, cost-effective providers based on your specific situation.

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Peace of Mind

CaredUp is your personal, expert teammate who explains everything in plain English.

How it Works
CaredUp is a team of human experts that has spent thousands of hours dealing with providers, insurance companies, and all the other elements that make up the confusing healthcare system.

You focus on your health - we'll handle everything else.
With or without insurance, CaredUp works for you.
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Nothing to download or install -
CaredUp is available on-demand.

Twenty Dollars

Convenient per use pricing.

100 percent

If you aren't totally satisfied, we'll give you a 100% refund.


What does this cost?

You only pay for CaredUp when you need our service. We charge $20 to help solve your current healthcare question(s)/task(s) from start to finish. You can start texting us for free and we will let you know when the $20 is required. If you are not satisfied in any way, we will give you a complete refund.
Who is going to answer my questions?

The CaredUp team is comprised of people who are intimately familiar with all aspects of healthcare. The entire team is located in New York City and will provide personalized answers regardless of your location (i.e., we can help you if you live in Utah or Georgia or anywhere else). You can expect an informative and enjoyable experience.
Why does CaredUp exist?

To make your life easier. Seriously. We understand the difficulty of figuring out all the stuff related to health insurance and healthcare. Through years of work in the industry, we have the ability to break down these complexities in ways anyone can understand so that quality, cost-effective care can be attained.
How quickly will I receive a response?

Text CaredUp 24/7. Responses are near-immediate from sunrise to sunset. CaredUp still answers and solves most "after hours" questions with prompt turnaround times. If no CaredUp representative is available, an automated response will be sent and the question will be resolved first thing the following day.
Can you tell me how much a procedure will cost?

Yes. This is really the foundational use of CaredUp. The price for exact same procedure can vary by more than 1000% depending on the doctor or facility. This is true with or without insurance. We are able to identify your out-of-pocket costs based on doctor/facility so you can know how much care will cost in advance of treatment. Need to take deductibles, co-insurance and other factors into account? Yea, we’ve got you covered there too.
Do you have financial relationships with insurance companies and/or providers?

No. Our first and only priority is to you. We receive zero kickbacks for any answer we provide.
Can you answer very specific questions about my individual situation?

Yes. We have access to certain proprietary data that may be relevant to your situation. If necessary, we will call your insurance company or provider to get the answer. That's right, we will make those annoying phone calls for you.
Can you answer questions about my health?

That is the one genre of question that we don’t answer.
Why texting?

We aim to make navigating and understanding healthcare as simple as possible. Texting is unmatched in its ability to conveniently fit into our busy lives.
What about my privacy?

We treat information about your health with the type of respect it deserves: we never sell or share data with third parties.
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CaredUp Cast Men
Two Facilities
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