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  • CaredUp Save Money

    Matched with CaredUp Expert

    CaredUp employees are all trained experts in healthcare navigation and are located in New York City. Healthcare is complicated. Now you'll have an expert teammate as your personal concierge.

  • CaredUp Simplify Engagement

    Satisfaction Guaranteed

    You'll be able to start texting CaredUp immediately. Though before we'll start working to solve your questions and tasks, you'll be charged $20 for your usage of CaredUp. Twenty dollars “per use” is broadly defined. You text CaredUp. CaredUp handles everything. That’s a single use. If you are not satisfied in any way, we will give you a complete refund.

  • CaredUp Increase Happines

    Get Answers

    We do everything in our power to eliminate all the healthcare navigation hassle for you. We do the research. We make the phone calls. We complete tasks and fulfill requests. We expertly break down the healthcare system into simple terms so you can have peace of mind to make good decisions for both your health and wallet.